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Reviews Section
OtherSpace Interactive SF Saga by Vlad

What is OtherSpace?

OtherSpace is not just a MU**.  It's not just a game you play that relies on your imagination to succeed.  It certainly is not just a type of game one can walk away from.

OtherSpace is an experience.  Something to be savored, to be remembered long after you've logged off.  

You'll remember your good times and your bad times, all with some degree of enjoyment.  You'll certainly never forget the first epic space battle, or the first engaging plot that you've participated in.  You'll never forget the feeling when you realize that actions your character (and those around you) did months ago can now have consequences on today's roleplaying.

I still fail, however, to accurately describe the experience that is OtherSpace.  You're probably asking whether this is a review or an advertisement.  Honestly, I cannot answer that.

No amount of words I can say can praise the staff, coders, and players of this truely inspired creation.  It's something that you have to see to believe.

The coded systems are superb, from spaceflight to languages to the economy.  Its by far the best balance of Roleplay and tech that I have ever seen.

I can only say that to understand this review, one must log onto OtherSpace, talk with the friendly staff, and form your own opinions.  The wealth of examples and hype are elsewhere at their website.

So yes.  I do believe this is a review.  A happy, content, and solid review.