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Reviews Section
Star Wars: Shattered Equinox by Therek

 When I first logged on to this game I thought this is probaly going to be like most muds kill, get xp for it, kill again but let me tell you it isnt like that (well maybe a little bit).  You start out choosing a name, race, and a primary skill combat, piloting, and etc.  Looking at this I decided to look to see how skills works, and I discoverd  it used a lvl system i havnt seen before (there probaly are tons and I havnt noticed, I'm use to the old xp goes to everything) they have made it by which primary skill you choose you get an amount of lvls you can gain in each skill, for example if you choose combat and are a human you get 120 combat lvls you can gain, 75 pilot, 35 engineering, and etc.  So being a hard headed twi'lek pilot seemed to be a great role for me.  After that you are sent into the tutorial, which was pretty helpful that teaches you some useful things that you will need in the future.  Being the idiot I am I did get stuck in one bit of the tutorial where you need the get a toy from a student, I just couldnt figure out how to get the toy, but I decided that I had to ask a immortal for some help, and being a kind person he came to the room I was in and pointed out that all I had had to do is say yes.  I groaned and said thank you  and he patted my head and left to help anouther poor soul.  Soon I was graduated from the tutorial and my adventure was jst about to begin.  First I had to choose which planet to start out on so I decided to choose the famous Coruscant.  When I appeared on the the docking platform I saw tons of ships and it made me think... I want a ship very very badly.  Well to bad for me I would never afford one, owell.  So until I feel like renting one Ill practice combat.  So I look around for the training facility.  But an awful thing happend, that led to the one thing Im not to found of in the game, the power went out making me go link dead.  When I was able to get on again I found my self on a shuttle which seems to be a safe haven for people gone link dead.  So I decided to look around, and I found a button.  I marveled at it it had a sign under it saying do not push.  It seems to depressurerise (not sure thats how you spell it) the room.  Well I thought im on a planet this could jst be a quick exit.  It was a quick exit alright...out of the game.  My character died and not taking the advise to make a clone my character was lost for good.  This made me very angry, thats why I think making a player get a clone an ok idea, but well I jst dont think its very good if the player has no clone jst to erase everything they worked hard for.  So I started a new one and did everything the same but I decided to enlist with the New Republic helping with the galatic struggle with the Imperial Remenant.  And it was one great idea I got a free pilot suit and blaster, free food whenever I need it, an access to restricted areas, and training areas.  And that is where I am today.  I also want to mention the communictation though where I do have a small problem with it is that there can be alot of player spam, even though you can jst close the channels that are spamming I like to keep them open incase there is anything important I want to hear.  But this game is unlike any other I have played it is a great game and I think it is great for gamers.  I rate it 4 out of 5, it is a must try.  The main problem for me is jst how death works, and that I still dont have a ship to call my own (but thats more my fault not the games).