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Reviews Section
Realms of Despair by Greetmir

After over 6000 real life man hours of play on this mud, I thought it was time to write a review on it.
I am totally addicted to this mud. You will be too if you are not frightened by many many thousands of rooms that are well written and challenging or up to 500+ characters on line at peak periods.  The Newbie Council there, to which I belong, is made up of a large group of wonderful people dedicated to helping new players discover the magic and wonder of the Realms of Despair. They and other helpful players will direct you to the appropriate help file from a help file base that is truly immense and complete or answer your questions outright.  
This game is so stable and popular that a search on the internet will bring you to many many home pages dedicated strictly to the Realms of Despair, including equipment databases and maps and strategies for attacking and conquering the harder mobs etc etc etc.
Almost every guild, nation and order has its own home page for class, race and special interest specific information.
Realms of Despair allows multiplaying up to 8 peaceful characters at a time for those that wish to make up their own team and like to have their hands very full but beware! ... many of the higher level mobs have a multicheck limit and can be very very nasty if you exceed it.
Only one Pkill character per player is allowed on line at a time.  If you wish to dabble with pkilling, however you may go to the arena against another player at any time under the supervision of an immortal (for the price of one million gold coins each for the supervison)  You may turn Pkill at any time upon request but once you are a deadly you are a deadly forever ... there is no turning back for that character.  It is highly recommended that you choose a peaceful character at the onset until you get to know the Realms of Despair quite well or your playing experience will not be a very rewarding or fun one.
After all of these thousands of hours of playing, I never ever ever find myself bored.  The social structure, helpful players and immortals and the challenge of the game play itself cannot be beat!  Whether you enjoy socializing, running mobs, quests, role playing, gambling, sitting around and chatting with other players, gaining wealth through the wise use of the auction and its ups and downs or whatever your interest in a MUD ... Realms of Despair is the MUD for you.  You will need no other.
Good luck and happy hunting.