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Reviews Section
Lost Souls by Tamarack

Lost Souls.

Lost Souls is an LPC based mud that offers lots of options to a mudder.
You can have up to ten different characters built off of a single atman, or
soul.  You can retire your characters when they reach level thirty so you
will always have a chance to build more characters.

This mud is based in the "medieval time frame" and has numerous races drawn
from literature as well as fantasy.  Characters range from Amberites to your
lowly goblins.  There are thirty-two starting races that you can choose from.
Upon reaching level thirty you gain access to four new races.  Similar things
happen when you reach level seventy-five as more races are opened for you.

There are a number of different guilds and associations available for you to
join to help you role play your character.  You can play anything from
Ringwraith's and Elflords from Tolkein to a knight from Arthur's round table.
The ability to join and leave certain guilds provides you with the ability to
guild walk your character to help gain new powers and just mix up the boredom
of playing one thing all the time.  Numerous associations are also available
for you to join and they provide additional powers to help you out.

The game itself is huge.  Numerous rooms, towns, keeps, plains of existence,
and so forth provide for an enormous amount of elbow room.  Although some
areas are popular with players, like the local tavern, you can go for long
stretches of time without running into another player.

Role playing is encouraged but not demanded.  You can form groups and share
experience and enjoyment together online (help grouping) or even when you
are offline (help adventuring companies).  Playerkilling is around, however
if you tend to be a hard core pk'er and you make a problem of yourself you
will eventually be dealt with.

The player base is usually friendly.  Read the rules and ask questions on
your "neophyte" channel.  Someone will help you out eventually.

The development staff of "developers/wizards" seems to be committed to
continued expansion of the mud overall.  They are real sticklers on
quality and tend to only release good solid items.  Over the past few
months a number of new areas and items have been released.  These areas
only increase the general feel of the mud.

I've been playing on this mud now for upwards of six years.  I'm willing to
help out any new player that comes along.  
Just look for me.