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Reviews Section
Realms of Despair by Annaliea

Realms of Despair is one of the most addictive and interesting MUD's I have  played.

Some of the major advantages to this mud is:
-It is easy for first time mudders to learn the ropes-commands, help files, howto's.
-Color is not excessive, a single channel consists of ONE color, instead of multiple (ugh).
-There is usually at least one imm online at anytime. Immortals are distributed all over the world.
-Friendly players who spend a lot of time aiding newbies. From the official Newbie Council to unofficial spellbots which cast helpful spells.
-Interesting areas. Nice room descs, puzzles, mobs that require strategy to kill instead of brute strength. Areas are a challenge and a delight to explore.
-Solid guilds with many older players loyal to a certain class to aid those who wish to learn how to use their chosen class most effectively.
-Mighty and close knit Orders for those who wish to roleplay and advance further and faster.
-Roleplaying is encouraged also through the Nations.
-Interesting and fun quests for gathering glory which can be used to enhance either the character directly or the equipment.
-Pkillers. Stand alone or with a Clan and destroy everyone else.
-Peaceful duelers. Pay 1 million gold and annihilate the idiot who challenged you.
-Aforesaid friendly players provide interesting chatter for the slow day.
-Realms has been running since 1994. Its still running. It will probably continue running for a long time.
-Players have a newspaper-The Cry of Despair. Read funny articles, poetry, stories, weird and amusing logs.
-Feedback encouraged. Suggestions encouraged.

Disadvantages of RoD.
-Might be some out there. Can't say I've noticed.

So log on today, you'll like it.