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Reviews Section
Lost Souls by Alix

Lost Souls, as described previously, is an LPC mud offering
players a wide variety of character types.

There are a number of ways to approach playing.  Independent
play is very common.  It is neither encouraged nor discouraged.  
The mud provides an environment such that independent play is
easily accomplished.  The majority of 'monsters' and quests do
not require a group effort.

Though independent play is common, group play is also easily
accomplished.  Through groups and companies, players can team
together to play, sharing experience.  Grouping is a temporary
arrangement requiring a leader.  In order to share the experience,
members of the group must be in the same location.  Companies, on
the other hand, are maintained as long as there are two or more
members.  Experience sharing does not require members to be in the
same location, or even logged in.

Role-playing is neither encouraged nor discouraged.  Though many
choose not to role-play, there are people that do.  Common role-playing
guilds are Ringwraiths, Justicars and Knights.

As with anything in life, there are loud, obnoxious jerks around.  My
best advice is to remember this is a game.  Role-play it or ignore it.  
If it becomes excessive or offensive, report it.  Keep in mind you can
block (turn off) channels and even block tells (communication) from players.

There are a few ways to approach this mud: 1) Explore.  This is a large
mud.  At level 1 (or low levels) it never hurts to run around with a
compass to get your bearings and learn the lay of the land.  2)  Ask.  
OOC (out of character) or neophyte channels are a good place to start
asking questions.  3) Read through the help files.

I generally do not respond to people who are not polite.  Others take
impoliteness more seriously and yet others don't care.  A general rule
of thumb is treat others how you would like to be treated.

The developer group seems fairly active.  A number of additions in the
way of monsters, areas, colors and modifications are frequently evident.

I have played for more than 2 years and, like Tamarack, will gladly lend
a hand where I can.