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Reviews Section
Avatar MUD by Lilone

It pains me to think that someone could blame a fantasy computer game that is there to add some fun and pleasure into ones moments for there unfortunate circumstances.  I believe you should be able to make friends in almost any forum however with all friendships comes the chance of being hurt.  A wiseman once said your worst enemy comes with a smile and its obvious to me that you have had many smiles because of Avatar.  I have also and understand that there are the good and bad however I agree with Honoria here.  You should limit your IRL as if you were on a personal site and such.  I came into this MUD because of IRL friends however now I love being able to log on when I can.  It kinda reminds me of Norm from Cheers.  Anyways, dont blame the MUD obviously it helped you to get through some difficult times.