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Reviews Section
Armageddon MUD by SpawN

I started playing Armageddon MUD back in late January.  Some people in my scenario could still be called newbies.  The reason why?  Because the MUD is so much more than anything else that is out there.  The communication system leaves everyone else in the dust...emoting and speaking at the same time, and it can be directed.  This kind of stuff is here for the serious roleplayer...don't expect to become huge and godlike.  The point of the game is to have fun with what you can do.  Learn, along with your character(s), about his intricate and well thought out world.

The player base is good and quite helpful to newbies.  Granted, they are a little intolerant of willful ignorance, which is why I suggest that everyone wishing to play the game goes to the website and reads through ALL of the documents.  That way anyone wishing to try the game has a good feel for things before entering the this is not the kind of mud that you can just pick up and go with, learning as you play.  Granted, you can do that, but that's the slow way...and the way that may require you to ask lots of questions that you wouldn't have to ask if you'd read the docs.  The docs are pretty straightforward and very informative.  The staff for the game is really trying to put forth the best game possible, and are willing to listen to the players...just don't expect them to pamper you.