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Reviews Section
Realms of Despair by Moltres Deathbringer

Well lets see now, I have been playing this mud for roughly around 4-5 years.
I have played alot of other muds, and built my own on several occasions, yet i seem to be always coming back to Realms of Despair. It will always be my favourite MUD, I have dt'ed, been slayed, purged, frozen, the works..
Yet i still play, Because it is a good mud. I have lost everything, and gained it all, it is a mud where anything can happen, like a anoyomus person can come up to you and give you like 2 bill worth of stuff, its has so many nice people like the imms, Cersei, Iliana etc... but some not so nice imms, such as .... and .... *hehe*  I love the mud and my family dont know why i play it, but i play it because i am addicted to it... I will never ever find a mud like RoD....