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Reviews Section
Tsunami by Crash

I have played on Tsunami for around 6 years and have to say the allure of it is beginning to fade.  The MUD has undergone many drastic changes in the past year.  The creation of a JIHAD where 6 clans are pitted against each other was a nice addition, but the low player base usually around 20-25 people does not support or allow the jihad to take root.  An entire guild has been revamped to make the characters much more interesting and has in a sense revived the once dead non played clerics guild.
 Current Admin is basically one person who holds all the purse strings and seems to have lost touch with suggestions from players.  Most Wizards seem to ignore players when they are asked questions and are generally unwilling to help newer players.  Some players tend to help  others, but for the most part people scare away newbies further (Lowbie PKing, cursing etc) further depleting a continually declining player base.
 Player killing is limited to a rare few mostly unskilled players who generally work in gangs and generally go after the same few people every boot they are on.
I had a lot fo fun times on Tsunami over the years and it used to be a blast to log on see old friends and play, but now due to many changes to sanitize the mud and make it more family oriented in one person's eyes, it is not worth the time and effort to learn to play if you are considering it.
Goodbye Tsunami, farewell and thanks for the memories!