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Reviews Section
3Kingdoms by Karen

I had played this game for years. When first starting out, the newness, the hugeness, the uniqueness of some parts of it were addicting. The game had a lot of potential, but it also has some major flaws that made continued play unthinkable. One of those is the negligence to follow their own rules reguarding harassment. If you donate enough money to 'their cause' then you can get away with anything including real life threats. The people are clique'ish to the max and if you have no power, then youre forgotten if lucky, or worse youre harassed and called names and cursed out...even by one of the head wizards himself, Tensor. If you can handle being anonymous, then this isnt such a bad game. Just dont expect much help from any one in high positions. Not all people there are bad, though. Some are just afraid to tell the truth because of what might happen to them and their character. Having played the game for several years and staying out of the limelight so to speak, I've seen many atrocities that shouldnt have been allowed. In the hands of the proper people this game would be one of the best as far as entertainment value for years. Unfortunately, that will never happen.