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Reviews Section
Avatar MUD by DarkWraith

It's been sometime since I submitted my first review (see 07/01/02 in review list for Avatar). Over a year down the line and have I changed my opinion of the game? The short answer is no.

Avatar still remains one of the best muds around and I am still playing regularly. Since my last review I have made the transition to Lord, providing me with a whole new set of challenges and providing a fresh outlook.

Old stock areas are still being replaced with new custom areas and the development of the game continues with many new features added when the immortals are able to spend time on the code. The main website has been updated with a 'Design' area showing the tasks currently on the list for review.

Avatar is still one of the most 'newbie' friendly muds with the 'Mudschool' providing decent instruction to new mudders. The atmosphere is, friendly, positive and helpful.

If you want to try your hand at mudding for the first time then Avatar is the first place to go. As you begin to move through the massive game and face its challenges you will probably find that going elsewhere will be the last thing on your mind.