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Reviews Section
Star Wars: Shattered Equinox by Shallon Dark

This is really, really good mud. Iv'e played a few star wars based muds and this is by FAR the best one I have seen. The only bad thing I could find with it was the WAY unbalanced economy, But that is being fixed today with a p-wipe, and TONS more jobs. Out of all the muds I've played(about 8) this is the only one I've found where players can make and create the planets(you do have to apply, and they have to be accepted). Say the immortal staff are really great, (being a new immy im always bugging them, and so far none of them have wanted to kill me or kick me out. : )
Say the game is a star wars based game where you can own your own house,ship (one of each, a fighter,midship,and a capitalship),and pk,(there has to be a good ic reason,no killing for ooc reasons : ) ].
You can choose your class, race, allignment, and your job.
Most of the players are really friendly, one was a little rude at first (turns out was rasied by horrilbe parents,trusted no one, and was a drunk in character) Say almost everybody is nice out of character too.
I would give this an 11.5 out of 10