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Reviews Section
Star Wars: Shattered Equinox by Anonymous Staff Member

  I would like to first begin my review by giving the game it's score, then I will explain my reasons and justifications for this score.  

Star Wars: Shattered Equinox deserves an 7 out of 10.

 Shattered Equinox (SE) is a Star Wars based MUD (of course) that is based in the New Jedi Order. This storyline, though, is only a rough base for the way the game plays, as there are no Yuuzhan Vong. Most of the large plots are usually player ran and exclusive to only the experienced or connected players. The way the players do things are almost like in cliques. They find and make friend through roleplaying (RP) and continue to make plots with each other or often spread them into a different clique. This game, however, really isn't for a new player or someone who still hasn't become accustomed to a RP intensive enviroment. Poor RP won't be shunned, but you will have a much harder time getting involved into plots without Decent RP skills. A new player would have a hard time in general getting involved with some of the plots, as some veteran players are pretty reluctant to allow new people into their personally created plots.

   The enviroment, as I have said, is very roleplay intensive to the point where the coded combat system (SWRiP) isn't even used, except in the OOC arena. This system has it's flaws, as people tend to try to play the ultimate fighter and never want/like to lose. Playerkills require authorization, so do not expect to lose your character over trivial matters. Ships are pretty hard to find, as they are in little numbers for so few players. There is a decent amount of players on the game, and of those, a few often help a new player along and roleplay with them. A fairly large percentage of the players have large self-feeding egos, which can really bare on your nerves and patience.  

 The Immortal staff can be helpful at times. Some of the immortals will go as far as to walk new players through the game, but some will sit and ignore their calls for help. Planets and things are built at a pretty slow rate, but there is already a large amount of planets (Some poorly built). A lot of things have been plaguing the staff and the game lately, including immortals breakings rules with ther mortals, mortals blatantly breaking rules. Surprisingly enough, I have seen no action against these offenders, but is just a testiment to a pretty slow administrative process. However, you can't expect 1 Administrator to keep everything in order. The Lead Staff Member and Programmer, has a tendency to raise hopes and disappoint, but he is good at what he does, when he can finish what he does. His busy lifestyle often holds him back, and pretty much holds the progress of the mud back. There is a good bit of animosity between the staff, but Administrators have pretty much forced the conflicting staff members to supress the feelings or come to them (Usually when you do go to them, nothing ever changes).

 Overall though, if you can manage to get involved with a group of persons and roleplay, the game really starts to shine. Roleplaying can last for hours on end, and actual plots can go on for months. That is the best feature of the MUD. Other than that, everything is pretty bare and bleak. So if you are a Star Wars roleplayer looking for a home, check out SW:SE and hope that you'll be accepted into the crowd.