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Reviews Section
Armageddon MUD by Lux

Here are the reasons I started playing Armageddon after 11 months at another (more highly voted) MUD.

- No levels and no mindless repetitive NPC-killing to get those levels. I hate repetition. When a song comes on the radio that repeats the same lyric one too many times, click. New station.

- Death is permanent and starting a new character is quick and karma means you might have more options this time than you did last time. This is much better than death resulting in resurrection at a lower level and/or minus all accumulated experience points, a loss that means hours of mindless repetitive NPC-killing were completely wasted and now must be done all over again to regain what was lost. Armageddon's way means death opens up your next personal epic. Heck, I'm almost looking forward to my first death so I can have the fun of creating a new character and maybe one that I wasn't allowed last time.

- Karma is based on RP. This means that if you ever want to be a Templar the way to do it is to play your dwarf realistically and then later play your half-giant realistically, etc. How many NPC's you killed is irrelevant. All that matters is that you demonstrate game maturity and character integrity and follow the rules and remember to emote. Which makes way more sense than becoming a Templar because you killed a million NPC's. Let's face it, lots of twinks are great at that. In Armageddon, no twink will ever be a Templar.

(By the way, it may sound like I want to play a Templar one day, when in reality I'm not sure I do. I have a feeling it's just as much fun playing a dwarf in the Byn, which is what I'm doing now.)

The above three points sum it up for me. There are other little things that I like a lot but these are mostly stylistic and may appear in other MUD's for all I know. For example, the exits command is a personal favorite. I get lost easy. I need a little help and the exits command gives me just enough.

Oh, I also love that there's no global OOC mindlink. My personal belief is that a global OOC mindlink corrupts RP, especially if the immortals participate, in which case it also corrupts administration.

So my hat's off to this MUD. Well done, folks. What makes you different is what makes you best.