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Alter Aeon

Reviews Section
OGC: Legends of Terris by Jason

While I admit Im a player of this mud for well over 7 years (it just hooked me on aol) this was my very first MUD game. I was enthralled by the players about, all the cool spiffy things and the way everyone was always helping and interacting. Over the years the population has declined but Terris still holds that magic for me. Its a place where one can come and play and indeed make a legend for themselves. The staff are back in action, interacting and coming up with new rps. The players are more interactive than ever and their voices are being heard. We get to help shape the future of the lands and many get to help behind the scenes. All in all the game is getting much better and we have many more exciting things planned. Give us a try...what can you lose?

Lourdes Darwinian
Half Ogre Sorcerer
GL of Enchanters Guild
Minister of Magic (TL) of Temple of Magic (Raislin)
Lord of Goldcroft (Best city around!!!!)
Very Old Bum Magi of Dragons Vengeance!