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Reviews Section
Realms of Despair by Donnelle

I have been playing Realms of Despair for two and a half years, and in this time there have been many changes.  A major code port ("The Shattering") occurred over a year ago, and while there has been a rough patch of settling in to some extent, I believe the changes are coming into their own.

The Realms offer a wide range of areas, and the newer areas are very well developed, with many interesting features.  In these areas, there is a lot to discover for a determined explorer.  New mob progs allow for more interactive monsters and mini-quests.  Many interests are catered to, whether you enjoy pkill, RP, exploring, questing, chatting or mob killing.  

The player base on Realms is generally friendly, and there is a large percentage of people who are happy to help newbies, and even a dedicated council for this purpose.

The immortal staff are generally professional and friendly, and there are a number of avenues where players can make their suggestions known, and even forums ( where many interesting discussions take place.  The Realms of Despair continues to grow, change and improve.