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Reviews Section
Dawn of the Ages by Sintrael

I will throw in some quick reflections on dawn from my side, i have played here for about 3-4 years...

Well, why do i play dawn? cant really pinpoint some specific thing that keeps me around i guess. Its the overall impression, the huge world to explore (that seems to grow faster than i can explore, haha it almost grow and change to fast for my liking=) Its also the favt that there are ALOT of nice players around and that there are SOOOOO many combinations possible to play.

The system (class/carreer, skills/spells, standard eq/ quest eq/ limited eq/ legendary eq)is superb and the pace is very good, combat is fast and adrenalinpumping, man.. so exciting!

Well i have to complain about something i guess, and it may be the playerbase, usually around 20-25 people around (at the times i play). Once i thought i wanted hundreds around, tried some of thoose muds and realised i was mistaking, but i would want like 5-10 more on average.. no more.

I say try it out, and as with all muds you have to give it some time. Spend a couple of hours in dawn and if you see me around gimme a shout!
I assure you wou will like it with all its clans autoquest playerkilling (if you want to) and the endless possibilities of exploring.

Cya around!