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Reviews Section
Star Wars Mud - SWmud by Liria

As an update to Glenn's post (from July), the HM quest is currently in Beta testing. There's still not a firm opening date yet, but it is being actively worked on at this time. The wiz who had been working on it was called away from the mud for several months, but now has leisure to work on it again.

The wiz who was working on updating the space code is also back, and he now has 2 or 3 assistants helping him with necessary space changes and the upgrade to space v2.0.  There is still no estimate on how long such changes will take, as our space code is rather hefty and very involved, but it is receiving constant attention now. The pilot guild is now also undergoing revisions that the other guilds have been receiving for the last year and a half.

The assassin, bounty hunter, diplomat, mercenary, scientist, and smuggler guild work have been completed now. Merchant has 2 skills and a quest left to be updated or created (the quest is currently in balance review), and slicer has 5 skills and a quest left to be created or updated. (The Jedi guild was not under revision, as it has been pretty well finished for quite some time, though minor tweaks are still made on rare occasions.) So, pilot and space changes will be the biggest issues being worked on once the rest are completed.

The mud also just added 3 new races: Gand, Togorian, and Verpine. We also retired one race, Bimm, because it wasn't really being used. We had a player 'race change' week so that players could choose just 1 of the 3 new races and re-roll their stats to compliment the race they chose. New players may choose from the 3 new races at this time.

The newbie school, which is slightly outdated after a couple of years, is under redesign to be more extensive. It should give players a great basic understanding of the mud by the time they 'graduate'. The current newbie school is still in place for the time being, and we have the newbie line to answer gameplay-related questions from our newer players. (But no chatting.)

SWmud's web site just underwent a major redesign. The information is still all the same, but the layout has been adjusted and is hopefully a bit more friendly. A list of the coders' current projects and recent major updates to the mud can be found in the Management section or

Give it a shot. I fully expect the 'plateau' that Glenn spoke of to be gone within just a few months. If you want to read through how things work on SWmud, all current mud help files are on the web site in the Gameplay section, so you can learn everything you need to play without having created your character yet. I suggest starting with the link on the right side of the screen called 'How to Play SWmud' (the Welcome files), and don't forget to read the rules!

We look forward to seeing you there!