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Reviews Section
Star Wars Mud - SWmud by Robynspryte

I've been reading over the reviews and I must agree that SWMud is a funfilled MUD. I've been playing here over 3yrs now and find it a pleasure to log in both for chat and game purposes. SWMud is newbie friendly; and the kind players and available resources to express opinions (news groups/boards/communication lines) produce an open-air atmosphere across the galaxy. Many changes have taken place in the last year, constantly providing new features for the average player.                                            Whether you're looking for a complete Star Wars theme or just a baby-step towards mudding, SWMud is worth checking out. While SWMud allows rping, it's not a common find. Sometimes it's nice to just step out of our rp attitudes and enjoy being ourselves among other players. So come, take a load off, and give us a try. We hope to see you hyperspacing in soon.