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Reviews Section
3Kingdoms by superfrog

Certain admin seek to destroy all that is good and foul the opinions of many wizards. and for this, they go unpunished, because they ARE the law, they ARE the mud (in their eyes) and they don't realize that the mud is here for the players and not for their own moral standards and not here to be destroyed by their attitudes.

They are soulless beings who suck the soul out of the mud in their quest for power, they will NOT stop til they are gone. and in their wake, we wonder what will be left of the mud. will it live? will there be people to right all the wrongs? will this mud rise up against the tyranny it has known for years?

I wonder when the play will end, when they will be gone, and fear for what remains in their wake.

Will there be anything left of the mud when they are through?