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Reviews Section
Armageddon MUD by Anonymous

I've played quite a few MUD's but never before have I really gotten anything from one. They were all "kill rats until you are level 30" and people with all the power, most of them didn't have any brains. I gave Armageddon MUD a chance and found it had everything i was looking for. My character lie dead in an hour, was I frustrated? No. The intense roleplaying, wasn't hard to get into at all, right off the bat I was starting off my own story, I was a different being in a different world, I wasn't focusing on stats or killing tons of animals, I WAS in that world. If you have any creativity, and a hunger for plot and an original, detailed world I suggest this game. It is like living in a book. Very impressive. No resurrections may sound bad at first, but think of how drastically the death of a character could mean, adds so much to the world, all of a sudden the fight with that other human or monster MEANS something, it's intense. Give it a try, and hang in there. Very worth it.