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Reviews Section
Realms Of Hell by Johnathon

A very well designed mud. Not too crowded. Unfortunately, the Dungeonmasters don't care much about their players. They constantly insult and randomly kill people, while having a constant snoop on everyone. They really don't take many ideas into consideration. You're very likely to be deleted and possibly banned for disagreeing with the head dungeonmaster. They're good at enforcing the rules, fortunately, although they do take the small things far too extreme.

The players are also the same way. Not many people care to help one another, and if you choose to go the playerkilling route (Either having a chaotic character or playing a character that requires joining a clan, which subjects you to being playerkilled even if you are lawful), you *will* be screwed over at the quickest time possible. This is not a mud to invest a lot of time on if you don't have connections or plan to spend hours rebuilding a character.

The experience and training systems are alright at the lower levels, but after about halfway through it starts to get crazy. Needing around 400,000 experience points for a level while also needing 300,000 some odd gold and getting 700-1000 experience (That's a lot) a kill and 300 gold, it takes many days to gain a level. And the experience grows more and more.

The playerkilling is not designed for those who want a long, drawn out battle. It's designed to be a one-round-whoever-gets-the-jump-wins kind of deal. Basically, if you have under 100 hit points, expect to be killed in one round by any player at any given time. And most characters will have under that much for at least 12-15 levels.

There are many areas and sidequests for equipment and spells, but not many new areas are added. There're a couple of classes in the works (unfortunately, they've been 'in the works' for several years), and sounds a little bit promising. Mostly the only additions are a couple new permanent monsters here and there and some new commands that really don't do much.

I wouldn't recommend this to a novice player. It's very difficult to get into unless you're fast and know what you're doing. To the advanced player, I'd say this is a good mud if you're bored with your current one, and you want a little break. But trust me, this mud can be VERY frustrating at times.

-Honest Opinion From An Honest Player-
-Over 2 Years Of Up-To-Date Experience-