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Reviews Section
Avatar MUD by Ratrace

Coupla of things i find wrong with this mud.
First off the last 7 years spent waiting for new evolutions of levels, ie. legend and titans, to arrive, the players seem to be on a longer waiting list than an NHS hospital.Reasoning each passing year was that imms moved on,
Secondly Everytime a 'new' class is submitted and appears to be implemented, there is a shut down and the class vanishes, hence rangers/ sages etc seemed to have been removed again..but their skills linger in the listings, a brief reminder of days promised.
Thirdly, too much common skills and not enough class differentiation, really u can be any class and gain practically everything when u hero, there needs to be a ton more different skills between the classes.
AND fourthly, the inane addition of weaker and weaker remort classes, whilst making the existing 'decent' classes Lord remort only..

However, avatar does have its moments, all is not lost ... yet

But the pbase is seemingly going down each passing down ..