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Reviews Section
Dark Legacy MUD by Ereldon

*The previos review is also writen by me*
When i first started playing dl, i found it quite hard but most of the players(about 75%) were very kind and gave me free equipment told me where to level etc..etc.. But when u remort in2 3 classes and start to epic a LOT of newbies will ask u questions so try 2 answer them like other people answered u when u were a newbie 2.

The crafting system is really great but would be better if a practice crafts system is introduced. The spell system is unique and allows u to use spells that, in other muds, u probably cannot use. etc a psionicist being able to use breath(a standard smaug spell) that in other muds mage is usually the only class that can use it. Dl is a great mud. You can hardly run out of things to do.

And now its time 4 the review to end and i go back to trying to increase the level of my pet gryphon.