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Reviews Section
NannyMUD by Ganethun

I used to play nanny (no, not under this name) some time ago. There are things I miss, and things I don't miss. The good things are the quests, even though I never solved more than 1/5 of them, the wonderful soul (feeling/social generator), the creative and often unique room descriptions and of course, some of the people there. What I really don't miss is the death penalties which are severe, at least compared to those of most dikumuds. Also, I don't miss the admin whom all seem to be each others RL friends. Not that you have to worry about them while playing (unless you break the rules, of course). I left because the administration seemed obsessed with "balancing" the game so that oldtimers would be equal to new players, which in fact only made it impossible to gain in power after a certain point. Not very balanced, imho. But it's probably still worth playing if only to explore the areas, solve the unique quests and find out more about the thematic guilds (classes).