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Reviews Section
Avatar MUD by tlo

I played Avatar and, unlike others who say it is the only MUD they have ever played, I have played other muds as well.

I have to say, Avatar pales in comparison to other MUDs I currently play.  

Newbies do get help, there is a mudschool, there are angels (not enough imho) and there are higher level players who will help newbies but, once you get to about level 20, unless you have a lot of friends or are willing to sit on "who group" for weeks on end, expect to spend a considerable amount of time working your way to hero.

The immortal staff of Avatar feels that grouping is what Mudding is all about.  They shove grouping down your throat by nerfimg any class/race combinations that seem to be especially adept at soloing.  Thieves became rogues and then rogue backstab was nerfed.  

Rather than increasing skills or spells on other classes to match the backstab of rogues, they nerf the powerful classes and have little patience with those who feel they have a right to offer input because they are "only players."

The comment that "Crom is an senior immortal and deserving of respect" is a typical attitude on Avatar.  The imms angels and archangels can do no wrong, will be respected and you dare not offer any criticism of these all powerful beings.  Notice they even demand respect for their immortals on a public site?  If you don't agree with a decision and have the audacity to say so, you can expect harsh and immediate retribution.

The upper tiers of leveling on Avatar are, in short, boring.  The same runs for 999 levels and, while they advertise "Multiclassing Allowed" this is not the case.  You are one class, for 50 levels of low mort, 999 levels of hero and 999 levels of lord.  You do not have an opportunity to multiclass.  You can remort to another race but you will play the same class with a higher tnl or some other inconvenient features for another 50 levels of lowmort, 999 levels of hero.. you get the idea.

Once you hit lord, there are only a few areas in which you can run.  You will run the same runs for the entire 999 levels of lord.  You will deal with an unfair lotto system trying to win gear and you will have to deal with egos and attitudes of players who have grown accustomed to the gear-based atmosphere of Avatar.

The HoGs are seldom made available to the lords and cause such immense lag that it is nearly impossible to gain any levels unless you are an angel or immortal alt who will get enourmous perks on another day when an enourmous number of levels will magically appear on any number of alts of these players.

This MUD is designed for the pleasure of the immortal staff.  Respect them at all costs, don't say anthing that can be interpreted as disrespectful about them or their mud on channels or in public, don't question their decisions and you will live in peaceful co-existance on Avatar.

If you are willing to live in an environment of hostility and greed, then you will love this mud.  Personally, I will move on.  I played all levels of Avatar hoping it would get better.  It didn't.  

I am sure that an angel or immortal will write in to refute this post just as they have refuted every other bad review of this MUD.  Keep in mind that these people get enourmous perks.  As much as they can deny it, immortal alts have twinked gear and can provide assistance to their mortal alts (they aren't supposed to, but they do), angels get special perks in the form of alternative extended private HoGs and much more.  Of course they enjoy the game and defend it.  I would too, if I was allowed such twinks but, alas, I was just a mortal player who heard too much, saw too much and experienced too much to want to continue playing Avatar.