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Reviews Section
Avatar MUD by Jaron

I've been mudding since 1991.  I've played a fair number of muds.  I've played Avatar since 1995, I've been on the imm staff since 2001.  I consider myself very much a player - I actively play almost every day.  I've just read Tlo's review.  I disagree with many parts, but we are both entitled to our opinions.  In fact what makes a mud such an enjoyable environment in which to spend time are the diverse people you find inhabiting them.  His comments on gameplay are his opinions, they don't require comment from me.  

Avatar is 'an environment of hostility and greed' he tells the reader.  It is?  I wish I'd known sooner, it must have slipped my notice during the past eight years.  Luckily, thanks to Tlo, I am now wiser.

He states authoritatively that the mud is 'designed for the pleasure of the immortal staff'. That sentence is mostly true, though you might want to substitute 'by' in place of 'for the pleasure of'.  

Tlo ends his post with a warning that an imm will write and refute his post, but helpfully reminds you all that we are biased as a result of getting enormous perks.  Hmmm, I could deny that, but who would believe me in the face of such overwhelming evidence from Tlo?  In fact by my mere act of commenting on his post, I have of course proven his point, haven't I?  

Let me think... A fortnight ago, I spent in the region of 30 hours over the course of a week (and I work full-time) designing and writing from scratch a full blown quest area, which kept almost 60 players entertained for close to three hours.  The enormous perks I received for spending what was almost a whole week of my leisure time?  Nothing.

In fact I am lying to you, I did get something, I got the flu during the week, but I didn't want to let the players down, so I persevered despite feeling grim and was richly rewarded by the players in the form of thanks, the best reward of all.  

Thanks to Tlo I now realise the error of my ways - instead of working on the quest, I should have been twinking the gear of my alts and giving them private hogs.  Darn it, looks like I've wasted the best part of two years already not knowing the true perks of being an imm on a mud.  Give me a break...

I suppose I should add my own disclaimer to this waffle.  These are my views, not necessarily those of the imm staff.