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Reviews Section
Discworld by Xith

I have only played this MUD for about almost a month now. I have read ONE book before doing this, which was where the original interest came from.
I can only say that the world of the MUD is HUGE, and there's always new places to find and new cities, towns and villiages to explore. I've been playing for just about a month and I haven't explored half of the city of Ankh Morpork, which is the biggest city of the MUD.
The desciptions of the rooms are incredibly detailed and the random messages that you get are highly variated and there's humour around every corner.
The choices you have to make during game makes it really individually adjusted. There's 6 guilds, and from there you can specify yourself to great extent.

As well as the rooms are highly detailed, so are the items. There's a HUGE amount of different out there, and even similar items can look different in very many ways or be in very many different conditions. All described thoroughly.

One thing both good and bad about the MUD are the numerous quests that you can find about all over the place. The bad thing about it is that it's very restricted to speak about quests, and it's easy to get a pissed creator on your neck for talking about a place you didn't even know what quest -related. This is mainly connected to the creators though, not the quests themselves.
the quests are both easy and hard to solve, and give various rewards. They can be quite tricky to find sometimes and you have to keep an eye open for deviant events.

I, as a newbie, read the quests rules and I can quite one part of it.
"You are allowed to tell someone for a hint"
Telling meaning to message them privately.
I did it the other way, I wrote on a channel asking anyne willing to tell me if they COULD help me. I chose to do this because it can get quite boring messaging 30 people not knowing which of them that can help you.
In this case a Creator rudely told me to read the rules, in which I responded that I had and said that I didn't see the problem in them telling me instead of the other way around.
To which she responded "which part of the rules do you not understand?"

I had earlier commented and said "Ugh what an annoying quest"

And after this she said "What is really annoying is players asking the same question more than one time, when being told not to".
to which I responded "What's really annoying is creators getting so ticked off over something so small".
That was my first interacting with a creator, not the best first impression you might think. It wasn't.
Luckily I have met others that have been very kind, but I'd sy it's about 50-50 in the kindness of creators.
I think they've had the job for too long, they don't seem to have the energy to take care of newbies in a respectedly way anymore.

But that's the only downside to the Discworld.
You have 8 lives, and after that you're completely dead, you can buy more for a pretty big sum, but not impossible.

I'm totally hooked to the game and I've found that event hough the world is so huge, with time, I learn to navigate more and more without a map, and it gets quite easy after a while.

So I can do nothing else than to strongly recomend you to at least try out the discworld, I did and I'm totally hooked, and this is only my first MUD.

So go and womble about, kill some poor tramps, eat cabbage and enjoy the world!