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Reviews Section
Arcane Nites by Alister

Looking for the best mud around?
You've found it. I have played on this mud for a few years now and the old mud was better than anyother I had played in the twelve or so years I have been mudding. The new mud which came in about six months ago is new code made by the creator of the mud Cynthal, and its even better than the old mud.

Now, the fun stuff about the mud. You can make your own eq or you can use the eq you find on creatures in the mud itself. You can choose from lots of races, classes, and specialties. You can group with other players or play on your own. You can run up to three charactors at a time if you want or stick to one or two. You can play a non player killer or a player killer charactor. The imms are all pretty decent people as are the other players, thier especially kind and generouse to "newbies". There are tons of skills and loads of spells to play with and power your charactor up. The commands for the mud are very inteligent and easy to understand with a great help file system if you need it, also this mud has about three times as many socials as any other mud I have seen. ....Oh yeah, my favorite you can go up to level 9999 which if your looking for long term playability is nice.

Now for the negative. The main problem with this mud is that it is a new code and they are still going through the adjustment period of it. The equipment has been changed once and there is talk of doing it again. The spells and the way the attacks work is being altered to create a more balanced mud( not all of them (and not all the time), but when you get used to something, its annoying to have it change(even if it is for "balance"). Also alot of the ideas they have to make this mud even better are going to be a while in the codeing phase, such as automatted quests tailored for each race and class, and  even though this mud is huge, they are planning to add alot of new areas... which will of course themselves need fine tunning and may take up to a year or more to actually get on the mud (where they can be played) and get the bugs worked out.

In conclusion I say that if your looking for a mud, which you probably are if your here ;)
Then check it out for a couple of levels and see if you like it, i bet you will.