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Reviews Section
Arcane Nites by Alexa

I have been playing at Arcane Nites for awhile now.  And I stayed because there is a relaxed, family-type atmosphere.  The character creation method is great.  It is very unique, and much more indepth than most muds I had visited in the past.  The actual character play is quite diverse.  You get spells/skills for the class you are in, but can also choose 'spheres' to specialize in.  Each character is fairly unique as the creator gets to pick what spells/skills/spheres to train/practice.  Pk/NPK clans are due to be coming in very shortly.  PK choice is at level 50, and characters become legends at level 100.  This allows for a very diversified environment.  Granted, every mud has its downfalls, but personally I'd say this is one of the best muds I have found.  I've even attempted and I still find Arcane Nites to be much better.

You will find that the immortals are down to earth, and happy to chat with you, or help you out.  The IMPs are even quite friendly.

Quests are going on quite often, here, too.

Well, if you aren't sure, come check it out.  It really is worth the time.