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Reviews Section
Arcane Nites by A. Smith

This newly revitalized mud pulls in aspects of many brilliant ideas into one enchanting mud.  Being a player on the old mud, and now on the new, I can honestly say that whatever your appetite in muds maybe, this will feed your hunger.  A generous selection of race/classes, each with their own unqiue skills and abilities, with an added choice of sphere selections, you have the ability to make a powerful wizard and still have good melee abilities.  This mud is being changed on a daily bases, so if you do check it out make sure you keep in mind that there is a bigger picture to everything you currently see.  And to those who have never played mud before, you will appreciate arcane nites because of the countless individuals who help with suggestions, to getting equipment, to even helping you leve.  The immortal staff is nothing to take lightly either.  The countless hours they spend re-coding, and making sure that everyone is happy is very commendable.