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Reviews Section
Discworld by A Thief

Since the only two reviews to be written in the past years were both written by players unable to write in clear English (one, I'm guessing, was a non-English speaker, while the other was a Witch), I'll try my hand at writing one of these here reviews.  So, on with the review!

When I first started playing on the Disc, there was really only one city worth mentioning (Ankh-Morpork, of course), there were no Witches (a plus or minus, you decide), and I was a student Assassin who was dying to graduate (died 4 times and never did graduate).  That was 7a (as in '6, 7, 7a, 9') years ago, and I've been playing ever since.

So, how does the current Disc compare to the game I first started playing?  Well, in the years since then, we've seen the addition of two continents (Klatch and Agatea), the Witches guild, many spells and rituals, a brand new combat system that, among other things, allows you to target bodyparts on your opponent, heartbeat and exploration experience, a terrain system that can seem endless, several languages to learn, deluded weapons (and players!), and a player limit that's risen from around 30 to somewhere around 150+.

Character-wise, you can create nearly anything you want, though the only race is human.

Join one of the six guilds and gain from their benefits -

Be a Wizard, and cast powerful spells that vaporise anyone in the room, while standing safely behind several layers of magical shielding, or give yourself extra arms, turn yourself different colours, create bouquets of flowers, or just give everyone you meet a pet cabbage of their very own.

Or, join the Warriors and learn the fine art of killing everything in sight.  To Ugh, or not to Ugh, that is the question.

Don't want to kill everything and everyone?  Be a thief and steal the underwear right out from under your victim's nose.  Be sure to meet your quota, but don't  go over.

Too klutzy to sneak?  Try a witch (must be female, so plan ahead or you'll be carrying around a paper bag with your bits inside), say 'Lawks!' far more than is healthy, practice headology, and spread bat guano wherever you go.

Not ready to give up your bits?  Enroll in the Assassins guild and learn to inhume your contracted victim with class (Don't forget your pink frilly underwear).

Prefer to devote your character to one of the many gods of the disc?  But which one?  Should you follow Sandelfon, the God of Corridors (Beware, corrider shorteners!), or perhaps Gapp, the God of Fine Clothing.  Or there's always Hat, the God of Unexpected Guests.  The list goes on...

Don't want to play a character that fits the stereotypes?  Play a warrior who's all brains, no brawn, and a pacifist to boot.  Or an Assassin who's too clumsy to sneak.  Or a delusional wizard who believes he's a god.  Become a thief who owns a large chain of stores.

Or combine them all, and be a delusional pacifist wizard who believes he owns a large chain of Assassins.

Other tidbits that I consider pluses:

- Friendly and helpful Creators and Liaisons who
are generally more than willing to help a player
in trouble
- Pet swamp dragons
- Player-run guilds, with player guild masters,  
high priests, and senior wizards
- Eating and drinking are not required, but are
possible for those who wish
- Cabbages!
- Parenthesis! Exclamation marks!!! Footnotes galore! [1]
- Souls! Dazzle your friends with souls like
'vader', 'yodel', 'nirg', 'yulil', and, of
course, 'womble'

Try it today!

1 - Galore may or may not be an accurate amount.