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Reviews Section
Shadows of Isildur by Donta

Good afternoon to those that read this review. I myself wrote a none biased review of this mud not to long ago and for my post the staff and the allied friends of the staff banished myself from the mud. Even to the length of down right spite by forbidding me to even e-mailing the staff with work I was doing for them earlier. One could go to their discussion board and see this for themselves. Finally the players themselves just to assist and make themselves feel better wrote biased reviews on this site just for staff favor instead of writing as they felt. Seeing how the players and staff act so defensively and so malice to a simple review. It makes a man or woman wonder if this mud is worth the trouble at all. Well may the poor souls that wish to play there judge for themselves and pray they never speak up whenever they wish to express themselves over the mud on their part, let alone try to play there. Good luck to you all.