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Reviews Section
Tharsis Gate by Minion

Tharis Gate is the most intensive, exciting, and enjoyable mud in the history of online gaming.  I've been playing for about a year, maybe two, it's so much fun that I've completely lost track of how long I've been there.

Newbies that start the game are treated with the utmost respect by the older players, who help them with gear, weapons, and light hearted jokes.

There are three guilds, and members of each guild band together to help one another with weapons.  Each guild has it's own strengths, say a Thief pairs up with a Druid, the Thief can help the Druid actually be a great fighter instead of a low strength medical priest wuss like Druids normally are.  

Everyone knows that Thieves are the best guild on our mud.  PK thieves kill everyone else, because we are god like.  But beyond that, there are Storm and Druids, like I said before. But they are like our servants, doing our bidding.

I was recently named to the Top 10 Players of Tharsis All Time, along with Sexiest Tharsis Gate Player Alive, in this month's Tharsis Gate Review magazine.  

The skills set up is awesome, there are hundreds of skills to build up, with different skills helping different guilds more than others, and so forth.  THis game is great, get in here and play now, your mud is terrible compared to this.