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Reviews Section
Arcane Nites by Cynthal

*enter typical imp response about how the last post was without real sustance and written by a disgruntled player who was trying to use religion as a shield for sealing off exits to rooms so that she could keep newbies from leveling in a place that she wanted to herself.*

Now, I haven't posted a review of my mud ever in the past 8+ years.  I would like to post one now just so that people can see what direction we are taking:

1) Arcane Nites (known also as Nitemare waaaay back in the day), has been seriously one of the best muds in the history of the mudding.  We wrote the very first remort system (and even coined that phrase).  We also were one of the first muds to write OLC (OnLine area Creation or OnLine Coding).  But that is all past.

2) We now have a skill/class system that is a blend of pretty much every gaming system that I could find.  It has elements of Diablo's skill system and uses some elements of Final Fantasy X.  Beyond that, the skills/spells themselves are all based on Advanced Dungeons and Dragons v3.5.

3) The fight engine is made as a multi-room fighting field where ranged weapons and spells can be used.  Fleeing doesn't cost exp since it is all part of the battle (advancing and retreating), and we were the only mud for years to give people exp per hit (as opposed to having to kill a mob off to get the exp).  That means that even if someone mob steals, they aren't getting all of the exp from you.

4) Like most other muds out there (now), we have the typical room/obj/mob programs, but we also have items that actually grow in power as you level.

5) Another thing, for those of you who have played AD&D v3.5, we have the item crafting feats (via the Weapons Arcana and Metamagic spheres).  That means that you can create your own rings, wands, potions, amulets, weapons, armor, etc.  Not only that, but I wrote a "power point" system that allows players to add affects (like +3 str, +2% fire resistance, +10 to spot check) onto items.  The power points that an item has are based on the item's level and wear location.  We also have rare, epic, and mythical items that have even more power points (which can only be aquired through doing built-in quests).

6) There are a ton of other little things that make the mud worth playing, but probably the best thing we have going for us is that we have been around for years.  Both Siewan and myself have been part of the history of mudding itself, working on some of the original muds that ever came out.  While we are prone to make mistakes like every other person out there, we try to take every idea into account when the mud is concerned.  For that reason I have been using polls on our forums (on our www site) to allow players to really decide on what they would like to see (and not see).

7) As for favoritism.  After 16 years of running muds, the last thing I would want to do is show favoritism.  I tend to be a real prick when someone breaks the rules (but fair).  If any player runs into a problem EVER with any other player or imm I have no problem dealing with it.  Why?  Because first and foremost I believe that the players are the most important aspect of the game.  The code is great, the areas are great, but without players they are just bits floating around on the server.

To sum it all up:
We have a ton of ideas that players have come up with over the years.  I don't take credit for the ideas, I only take credit for coding them.  We are dedicated to making a game that is not only unique but unparalleled in design and game play.  

I hope you will come check us out and make your own decision about whether we are a great place to play, or if we just suck. If you hate us or love us, at least let us know your opinion so we can continue on our quest for excellance.

- Sean (Cynthal)