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Reviews Section
The Darkening Sun by Kefir

Well, I've been playing this Mud for over 2 years now, and it is THE best Mud around (at least, among those muds who use the same Code). Immortals are -usually- very friendly, and they work hard to constantly bring new features to the players. The Code itself has been immensely modified, with spells and classes that you would not find anywhere else. One nice feature of this Mud is that you gain experience from your roleplaying efforts with other players, so it is up to you to either venture around to battle creatures, or if you are of a more peaceful type, you can get involved in Rp with the many great rp'ers we have around. Recently they also introduced a new feature called RPONLY, which is for the hardcore roleplayers. Your xp from roleplay will be better but you will get no xp at all from mob kills. And for those of you people who are new to this Code, know that the newbies are always warmly welcomed and helped to get started. The helpfiles are extensive, and very well detailed. Aaaand the 250+ areas we have on DS are all unique areas that you will not find anywhere else either.