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Reviews Section
Dawn by David A

I came to Dawn after playing Discworld for a few months and while Dawn doesn't have the number of players (usu 10-20) that DW does (more in the 150+ range) or depth of skills, the areas are beautifully detailed without being overwhelming, the characters realistic enough and the other players seem a friendly and helpful bunch.
The newbie area, with it's very handy training area, and the whole idea of a Newbie Guild is just great.  Nothing too demanding for uber-newbies, and experienced MUDders can whiz through and get on with things in no time.
If you've played other MUDs however, you may find the list of commands a little short and indeed the whole MUD a little simplistic.  Still, with dozens of large areas to explore, many guilds/races/orgs and a good, if small, range of skills to advance, this is a very decent MUD for those not looking for high realism/RP.