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Reviews Section
Cuendillar by Cali

I haven't been playing this MUSH for near long enough to consider myself not-a-newbie, really (so you must take this review as a newbie's first impressions), yet I feel very settled in - it's true that Cuendillar is extremely newbie-friendly, with zillions of news/theme/+help/+lhelp/CG files that make it possible to find out almost anything you could want to know. Within reason. I mean, they don't have a 'news secrets of the universe' but they /do/ have a lot of theme files with helpful WoT info (I've only read a couple of books, and that was a long time ago, but I've found most anything I needed to know in the files). Not to mention the mature, patient and helpful players! The MUSH deserves its Andy Award for Most Newbie Friendly.

However, the playerbase is on the lower side, though I do play in the rather awkward GMT timezone. I generally see 5-15 players about - more during peak EST playing times. Still, the playerbase can only increase and this would be an improvement, I feel. Hopefully I can encourage more snazzy RPers who like the WoT theme to come check Cuendillar out. =)

Hmm. In the interests of not blathering on too much more, I'll just quickly note a few more features I like. They have an extensive chargen system, so you can define your character and customize their sheet to your heart's desire (you can simply create a character and play for a while first, if you prefer, but going through chargen is encouraged and is necessary before you can RP any restricted abilities), /and/ there's also a roster of characters of all shapes, sizes, abilities and social classes to choose from if that's your cup of tea, each with a few relationships already provided so you can start roleplaying right away with a well-rounded, interesting character.

There is a certain amount of code on Cuendillar, but it's not excessive. To be honest, I know nothing of code and don't want to risk making that even more obvious by saying anything else about the stuff. ;) Personally, I like Cuen's level of code-ness but you may find there is more/less than is to your liking.

Tar Valon, the White Tower, Caemlyn and Cairhien are open for play so far, and there are plenty of slots left for restricted characters, including Ogiers, channelers, Wolfkin and lots and lots more. Further info and some RP-exampling logs can be found on the webpage. :)