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Reviews Section
Avatar MUD by Crom

In response to Mary's review...I must say that you rock, Mary!!!

Just some points of clarification:
1. changing code is done to fix loopholes, and not to punish players. If code is suddenly changed when players are exploiting a loophole...that's the fix.

2. Snikt isn't the only coder and code and areas still continue to be added into the game.  Although there are "many immortals", only a handful are actually builders and coders.

3. Funds are donated. They are small and few and have yet to recompensate for the cost of the server and the years of internet which paid for it to exist.  We do not harrass people on a daily basis about donating nor do we really discuss it except on rare occasions.  The game is free for all intents and purposes and sending money to Snikt should not come with strings attached.  The mud has been up for almost a decade and much of the time and moeny was paid solely out of the pocket of Kevin(Snikt).

The rest is pure opinion which is welcome from anybody.  I disagree with some and even agree with others. I've chosen to stay and try to improve the game and you've chosen to rip it down. To each their own. :)