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Reviews Section
Avatar MUD by Mary Lynn Martin

Why, thank you for the kind words Crom.  

You are right in saying that you have "chosen to stay."  But, then, your opinions are valued and welcomed as you are an immortal of the Avatar.  I was an average player whose opinions were unwelcome and whose feedback was dismissed as trivial and unimportant, along with the same feedback from a great number of valuable players.

I can understand, and respect, fixing a loop hole but I don't understand the need for immortals threatening tones on channels demanding that the lord community had better convince the lords in question to stop soloing.. or else.  If the code is broken, fix it, make the announcement and be done with it but don't hold it over the lord community as a threat if they don't get their fellow players under control.  That is what happened and that, IMHO, is wrong.  But, again, I was just a player and had no right to an opinion on Snikt's MUD.

Snikt may not be the only coder but he is the implementer of the MUD and, when he says coding has stopped, announces it on channels and tells lords to change their title or take the blame for the lack of coding..  that is a public statement from the imp of the MUD and, since everything the immortals do is secretive and done behind closed doors, with no imput from the general player base, it is the impression Snikt gives that lives on, not the actual work behind the scenes of which no one knows because, as mere players, it isn't our MUD or our business.

Funds are donated, I agree.  So, why not share how much is donated (it might spur players to donate more).  Tell the players what the funds are being spent on instead of allowing the donations to fall into the black pit of secrecy in which the immortals dwell.  There are no strings attached to player donations but it would be only common courtesy to have an ocassional update and, perhaps, a thank-you for the support but players don't see much gracious behavior on the part of the immortals.

The rest of my note is pure opinion, my opinion.  From a player who played the mud for six years, saw the degradation of a wonderful game, saw the power-tripping and secrecy employed by the immortal staff, saw an archangel (Felinda) drunk and foul on buddy channels and learned exactly how little respect the immortals have for the players who remain in vain hope that something will change.

Unfortunately, the "good old days" are gone.  The players of the past will never return and the immortals rule over a player base that lives in resignation that the pure joy of gaming is forever a thing of the past on Avatar.

This will be my last review.  You may take it for what it is worth.  I am now leaving for brighter realms in the world of mudding.

Mary Lynn