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Reviews Section
Avatar MUD by Riott, Mandiev!

First off I’d like to agree with Mary on her insight about the mud, Her words are true.

I was an active member of Avatar for 3 years. In that time I was very successful with my characters and friends. I had a reputation both good and bad. For the most part, I was very helpful and creative. I didn’t break rules I made lots of friends and helped whenever and whoever I could.

After 3 long years of devotion to the game and helping it along my character was jailed due to reasons the implementers would not tell to me. I was very saddened I had put so much effort into the game to find myself jailed and without reason. I even wrote several appeals and many others did on behalf as well, and after two plus months I still haven’t got the decency of a reply to why my char was jailed.

Over the years on Avatar I’ve seen this happen countless times. Immortals code and we play. If we happen to find something that makes the game fun or TOO fun depending on the immortal, they all seem to have there own ideas on how the mud should be played, they will remove it or make it harder. If you are unlucky, they will jail or ban you. If you plan on making a long lasting character that you will enjoy over years to come without fear of losing it. Do not play this mud.

It is in constant change and, for the most part, for the worse… or to make harder. The immortals demand respect and if questioned you do so at risk. Some of the player have been there for a long time and get away with lots of things. You can expect after you gain higher levels constant flaming by certain “clicks” in the mud. They abuse the mud and at no loss. Even when they lose their chars they will make new ones and continue. It is a hidden side of Avatar that everyone will experience. If you’re not the target you will see them openly target another and friends. It is very sad.

Each player in my mind on any given mud is just as useful as the immortals it is what makes the mud work. Without players there is no mud. It is only unused code. I was really sad when I would see constant notes on treating imms with respect that did not deserve it. I’ve seen players and probably most of the players do more work in aiding that mud then any imm I’ve seen. One earns their respect by the way they carry them selves. I do not respect abusive and/or rude immortals.

In short, Avatar is a never ending changing mud that has constantly recoded and changed the mechanics of the game and mostly for the worse. They have steered further and further away from the original “FUN” Avatar to a more conformed Avatar forcing you to play one way. In the end you can expect to either lose your character, get fed up with constant changes, or the lack of player based “fun” intervention such as quests and hogs which they so proudly claim but is a true rarity. You can also expect to lose hard earned gear, spells, and/or skills. Either taken away or recoded to be weaker. The character you start with will not be the happy fun char you end up with. If you like a world of depravation and hardships that revolves around bored immortals, Join Avatar and you to can be there puppet toy.

I waited a few months before writing this review so I could write it w/o prejudice or grudge. I have since then moved on and found more enjoyable things and have made easy references to Avatar. It is very clear to me what was wrong. I will note that Avatar like any other mud has several great people that make it all worth the experience and not all the immortals are bad. But you will be playing there at huge risk. Until the mud finds a mild middle point of fun and certain immortals are removed the mud will be in a constant downward spiral. I would like to say hi to all my friends too at this time, I miss you all very much. To those that are rude and trash the mud with flaming… you know who you are, you are part of the factor that is killing the mud.