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Reviews Section

I usually don't do this sort of thing but I would like to give you my review of Avatar.

This april I celebrate my 10th year of mudding.
All of those ten years I have spent on the MUD now known as Avatar.

Why? Because it has grown dear to me. Because of the enormous work that both immortals and players put into it.

I have been part of the Immortal team for a lot of years.
I have seen people come and go. Good players, good immortals, bad players and bad immortals.
I have seen changes that made me frown, I have seen changes that I cheered openly for. Ups and downs, times of joy and times of trouble.
Basically I have seen it all happen.  Yet always I remained because I lost my heart there..

On to the mud itself.
There are great plans for the future, but we need people to help us build those plans. When the mud was started some 10+ years ago everyone was young and could pull an all nighter. Now we have lives that revolve around jobs and diapers.
So we need more fresh young blood!
In order to do that we have selected qualified people as dedicated staff members.

This means they help develope the mud. There is a BUILDER team where 3 or 4 people try to come up with well written areas. Recently we have started a CODER team (which ofcourse is a delicate business so its progress is slow). We have a DESIGN staff which busies itself with collecting ideas from players and seeing if, how and when they can be implemented (so see, we DO listen!) and there is a QUEST team, which started just under three months ago and since then the number of quests has soared sky high, with many a prize to be won.
I am the leader of this dedicated squad, and very happy with the way things are heading.
We add the FUN to mudding..just ask about our recent holiday give-away.

The track team members are all players who looked at the game and thought it could be improved upon and decided to step up and do something about it.

As a result of the efforts of many of our builders over the years the mud is mostly filled with original areas. With other stock being replaced in the future. This might look like a loss to some (I know I cried a few times) but in all it makes for a unique game.

We encourage grouping, to the point where the skills of races and classes compliment one another.
Does this get frustrating at times? Sure. There are times when you find yourself without a group, because you don't fit what it is looking for. Ofcourse that is annoying. But there is always someone lower level than you who would love to have a big buddy for protection. Or just hop into another character and be the one who leads the group!

I will actually be quite honest and mention a negative here. We need to change. For a while now we haven't been making true on some of our promises for whatever reasons (see the part about jobs and such) This frustrates the Immortals involved as much as it frustrates the players who are waiting for it. So maybe that's why sometimes we react a bit strong (Don't YOU hate it when someone points out a flaw you know already?). A result of this is a very dynamic relationship with the (veteran) playerbase. Sometimes we get along great, sometimes we cannot stand one another. Wow..almost like a true family.

Hmm..yeah..I guess that is why I lost my heart on Avatar. Over the years it has been a sort of family for me. With a favorite uncle, that annoying cousin who is always better, that aunt who says she knows what's good for you when you don't see it. *sigh* Yup. I couldn't do without any of them.
Hope some of you reading this feel like becoming my new little sibling.

Kariya (Marco)