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Reviews Section
Ages of Despair by Susitna

A few days ago I was searching for a new mud, having just left the one I've been playing for the last nine years.  I came across AoD and was greeted by people, and made to feel at home. However, as time went by I learned that while the game itself is enjoyable, some of the "regulars" there ruin that.  They are not newbie-friendly and make no attempt to hide that fact, complaining when a newbie won some prize and they didn't even though the newbie was level 15 and they were levels 141 and 90.  Their arrogance and the fact that we were constantly being told to vote for the mud on this very site (I was even sent a tell by a higher level in which he commanded me to go vote, and if I didn't like AoD I should leave, if I did like it I should vote for it.)  That type of aggressive behavior coupled with the unfriendly attitudes by the players who consider themselves "elite" has driven me away.  Now I'm looking for yet another mud.  Play this mud if you don't mind being told what to do and if you don't mind that people automatically assume you're stupid just because you're new.  Otherwise, I'd stay away if I were you.