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Reviews Section
OtherSpace Interactive SF Saga by Parias

Otherspace was the first MUSH I ever played.  When I first arrived I was confused, lost and had really had no idea what to expect or what to do.  I sat there aimlessly learning MUSH commands and how they differed from the MUDs I was use to.  Suddenly, a high ranking officer of the military I'm in walks in and I'm thrown into an RP scene in which I'm certainly not prepared for.  I went OOC and explained this and the player behind the character of this high ranking officer told me the POSE command and I was on my way.  My first day MUSHing I managed to have a large, and as it turned out, very important RP scene.  I fell in loving with MUSHing after that and got rid of all the hack-and-slash MUDs I played.  Otherspace opened my eyes to how good roleplaying could be.  On top of that it had a friendly player base who were always willing to help.  I've played there for about 7-8 months now and we've already been through some good times and bad times both OOC'ly and IC'ly. For an IC example, in about 5 months my first character shot from a lowly Recruit, to Director of an Intelligence agency, to President of the Solar Consortium. Even htough I was considered a newbie by some still, they supported the fact I had risen to a high ranking position quickly.  For two OOC examples the player base joined together and supported me when I lost a neighbor and pretty close friend IRL to suicide.  Also, when the USS Cole exploded, one of our players served on her.  The player base practicaly held a vigil for 3 days straight waiting for word that he was OK.  In my opinion, OtherSpace is one of the most tight knit communities out there, both IC and OOC'ly, and it should not be missed by anyone.