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Reviews Section
Avatar MUD by Mel Gibson

I always find the large number of staff and actual immortals who respond to negative posts with the "inside" view instead of players responding with positive feedback. Maybe thats just me. An "inside view' does nothing to diminish the feelings of the playerbase to make them feel better and more secure that the mud is actually going somewhere.

As a singular caution I would advise to be careful of harassment and rumours that do go far beyond the norm for what is acceptable as nothing is ever really done to fix the problem. Appeals allow people who are in flagrant violation of the rules back into the game with "lesser" punishments which are often dependent on how popular that person is with the immortal staff.  Which having had this happen to myself, I can vouch for being true.
It is a good game, with good races and decent classes - but stagnant. People have been promised the step above lord for 5 years and nothing is even close to being implemented but I'm sure I'll receive a review back stating that I'm "out of touch" and that the staff is working "very hard" on legend etc and that I need to "place some trust" in them and to not "assume nothing is being done just because I dont see it".  

Also on the triggers issue: why not simply make them illegal instead of using years of development which encouraged their use due to extreme repetitive gameplay at the lord tier. Instead of using them as an excuse for the continued development quagmire and limbo in which this mud sits.

Anxiously awaiting responses telling me I'm wrong and that I dont know whats going on behind the scenes. Mel Gibson.