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Reviews Section
Ages of Despair by Thanos

Well, where to start....  This world leaves alot to be desired.  The areas and npc's with in are all quite redundant, only a few areas are large enough to explore and have a good time doing so.  The rest are small with little to do other than hack and slash.  Some players are rather disgrunteled.  Admin had been plagued since about 2001, with in my opinion bad decisions, up til about mid 2002 when the focus really shifted with the loss of one of the best coders that the place had ever seen, due to brain cancer.  Following this through this date the place still has a lack of innovative code. A shining light that I saw for the mud was the creation of their rp society,  it was a group for those that liked to role play, however this light quickly dimmed.  The Role Play Society takes a quick back seat to hack and slashers trying to get equipment off of monsters designed to take many hours to kill.

Now this isnt the rant of a disgruntled player or anything, however I have been on the mud since it was in alpha testing,  in that time there is very little that has been added to the mud(more than 5 yrs time), most of the areas that are there have been there for more than 4 yrs, and some of the newer areas have some rather negative side effects, such as being open pk on anyone that happens to enter it and the mud is not in anyway balanced for player vs. player combat.  The mud does have some ups though.  It has a feeling of familiarity to those that have been around for some time, there is a homly feel for those very few that enjoy the company of the others that are around.  Currently, I see no change for the better in the place, I log in for rather short periods of time anymore, I have no desire to leave this mud because it has become like a second home to me, but I am afraid that if something doesent change the mud is going to fall as the older players leave to their career's and families, there really isnt that flare that will keep new players any more.  There are somany other muds out there that have equal features and are still developing new code to make the game itself more fun instead of using old worn out code, and pulling stunts to get people to vote for the mud on mud poll sites.