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Reviews Section
Dawn of the Ages by Noob Testing

This will be a review on a long charade of trying to find a nice MUD better than the one I am playing currently (and it's pretty damn good.) Don't take any of this the wrong way, because the reason I only write reviews is that I am utterly disgusted with it or it was more than halfway decent.
This MUD would be the latter. There are alot of improvements that can be made, the first and foremost being that you level faster than a bunny on steroids. Second would be that there is a tad too much color in one spot and not enough color in another.
As with most DikuMUDs (at least that's what I think this is) it has a standard Midgaard, but the nice thing about this Midgaard is that you actually have to learn the area. The town actually has shape. Another neat feature about it is that it can practice up to a certain point depending on your intelligence. And lastly for the significant pros, it has a alot of diversity.

    Noob Tester