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Reviews Section
Arcane Nites by Rikki

Well I will be honest: This is my first mud experience. And I love it. I am a DnD fan, and at one point in time I was a Diablo Junkie. I STILL am a Final Fantasy Fanatic, and thought for sure that text based games would not even come CLOSE in comparason to these, but I tried it anyway so that a friend would stop pestering me. And quite frankly, I can't belive that I actually found Arcane Nites to be FAR more involved and entertaining than any of those!  The imaginative creation process that went into this MUD is above and beyond any that I could even fathom!  Even being a mud virgin, I was able to log on and get started with ease, and have found the IMP/IMM staff as well as the other players to be UNBELIEVABLY involved in the greater good of ALL players. They are willing to answer questions and help at the drop of a hat and promote the advancement of all players equally. OUTSTANDING! I totally recommend this game for players of ANY skill level: beginers, intermediates, advanced, master, AND JUNKIE alike! Bravo to the creation team for all your success!