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Reviews Section
Armageddon MUD by Lorain

I have been playing in Armageddon MUD for less than a month now, and I am loving every moment of it.

The world has a staggering amount of features, everything from room scents to being able to cook your own food from raw materials (hard boiled egg in dough, anyone?) to the single best system for telecommunication in a pure RP MUD.

"What?  Telecommunication in a pure RP MUD?!"
Yes.  And it's implemented so well that it can be believed and it does not even spoil things.

The mud has a very complete feel to it, with very extensive documentation and helpfiles for EVERY feature, including some special RP games, such as Izadri (a very original board game that reminds me of Chess) and, well, stuff!
Lots of stuff!

The reality is dangerous and unforgiving, and even if one thinks that everything is going well, you can never know if someone if plotting your demise.

Armageddon MUD has several home town options which, while not allowing one to recall, give the character an accent, if appropriate.

There are languages, systems for foraging, the ability to talk just at a table and not to a room, the ability to listen to a group talking at a never ends.

Armageddon MUD has one downside, and that simply must be stated.  Character approval is required and one is expected to read at least some of the documentation on the website.  This takes time and patience, but for a MUD who is easily among the top five games to date, with complete documentations and helpfiles, a massive playerbase of over 800 different players of caliber...isn't it worth it?

I believe that it is, and if you log into the MUD, read the documentation and try it for a couple of days, I assure you that you will agree with me.

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